About Us

We are a couple in our early 30s and have been Dubai dwellers for the past 4 (wonderful) years. ( one of us living in Dubai for about 4 years and the other for almost a year now )

As a musician and a yoga instructor, we have found ourselves struggling to find activities and events in the city, which we’d enjoy doing together. Dubai is a magnificent place with great offerings. It hosts the world’s most prominent singers, enjoys the best performing artists with the impressive variety of wonderfully organized cultural events. The billboards adorn the city announcing the next big act in town, social media is alight with excitement about the coolest show this season. The tickets, at times, sell out in the matter of hours – these are big gigs, after all. Yet, this is not all the city has to offer. There is plenty of movement just below the “big events”, you just need the right radar. Unique, often for smaller audience, tailored for those with a particular interest, niche events. Events that get completely lost in the TimeOut’s tiny listings (and that’s if you even buy the magazine). A guru, visiting Dubai for a workshop limited to an odd number of people, an art exhibition, which allows the visitors to meet and chat to inspirational artists and get to know their work, a Turkish band, which plays a descent set of old favorites in one of our local communities…


We’ve all had that moment, when we saw a friend’s pic on Instagram from a painfully cool event that made us think “OMG! I wish I was there… Is there another event like that coming soon? Where was this? Why didn’t he tell me he was going?” It may have been a gong meditation, a Japanese, oval basket-weaving workshop or a surfing legend’s secret gathering – everyone’s entitled to their own type cool.


Sometimes you just want to listen to a local band (do you know how many bands perform weekly in Dubai?) or listen to a poet reciting something new or, perhaps, familiar, or spontaneously attend a cooking class, because you fancy learning how to cook an authentic Spanish paella!


We started Dubai weeklies to help you reduce the number of “if only I knew…” instances and help you discover the real, multifaceted and diverse Dubai everyone keeps talking about.


We carefully select and curate upcoming activities in town for the fellow art addicts, music lovers or yogis in the making – all of us who look beyond mainstream events for something a little more personal and authentic.


The website is updated weekly (a.k.a. every Saturday), but we promise to get to you our updates and announcements daily via instagram!

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